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Service Financing

*Shop fee: This dealership charges a Shop Fee 10% of the total labor amount paid by the customer, not to exceed $20.00. This charge represents costs and profits. A variety of shop supplies are consumed in servicing our customer’s vehicles. Parts and labor necessary for servicing customer’s vehicles are itemized on estimates and invoices. However, shop supplies (such as protective items for your vehicle, solvents, lubricants, cleaners, rags, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.) do not lend themselves to precise itemization. Supplies may or may not be used in each service. This fee will be included on each repair order of our paying customers on each visit. Service Charge: A Service Charge is also included on each service order of our paying customers on each visit. The Dealership takes steps to protect its employees, customers and the environment, including but not limited to, employee safety measures and training, emergency preparedness and response, and recycling and waste disposal. The Service Charge may include Dealer profit. Not all transactions will cause Dealer to incur all of the costs defrayed by the Service Charge. The Service Charge is not a government-required fee. Tires and Batteries: Excise taxes of $2 are charged per tire and per battery at the time of sale. Stokes Toyota Beaufort would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to service your vehicle. We strive for a Truly Exceptional Experience for you and we hope we have earned your loyalty.